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Web App Security Testing (WAST)

Web application security testing (WAST) is the method of testing, analyzing, and reporting on the security level and, in some cases, the position of a web application. The main objective behind web application security testing is to identify any threats or vulnerabilities that can endanger the security or integrity of the web application.Every environment is different, and every business has its own unique needs.

In addition, there is too much at stake and too much that attackers can exploit to simply run basic scans with no formal risk evaluation or reporting. It's just as bad to write application security off as someone else's problem. Whether you are developing, hosting and maintaining your software in-house or via third parties, application risks and specific exploits will come back and land in your lap as something that you should have been doing all along. Make sure you're being smart with your approach. You need to approach ACC for our expertise and assistance.

  • ACC Web Application Penetration Testing: ACC-WAPT web application penetration testing is the process of using penetration testing techniques on a web application to detect its vulnerabilities. It is similar to a penetration test and aims to break into the web application using any penetration attacks or threats. ACC provides this testing capability to its clients at request.

  • ACC Dynamic Application Testing: ACC-DAST is an approach that involves looking for vulnerabilities in a web application that an attacker could try to exploit. This testing method works to find which vulnerabilities an attacker could target and how the attacker could break into the system from the outside. Dynamic application security testing tools don’t require access to the application's original source code, so testing with ACC-DAST can be done quickly and frequently..

  • ACC Static Application Testing: ACC-SAST has a more inside-out approach, meaning that unlike ACC-DAST, the method looks for vulnerabilities in the web application's source code. Because the method requires access to the application's source code, ACC-SAST can offer a snapshot in real time of the web application's security.

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