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Attribution Cyber Consulting, Inc. (ACC) is a unique cyber security consulting organization because unlike other cyber consultants, ACC provides solutions (products and services) that no other group (large, medium, or small) can provide. In addition to our solutions, ACC wants to keep you up to date with the cyber news of the day whether about new happenings at ACC or news and reports from investigative services, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Department of Justice (DoJ), or news outlets concerning cyber attacks and threats. ACC will continually add to this selection, so be sure to check back for updates.

National Public Radio (NPR)

18 November 2019, the NPR All Things Considered reported that Cybercrime Booms As Scammers Hack Human Nature To Steal Billions.

The secret to comedy, according to the old joke, is timing. The same is true of cybercrime. Mark learned this the hard way in 2017. He runs a real estate company in Seattle and asked us not to include his last name because of the possible repercussions for his business. "The idea that someone was effectively able to dupe you ... is embarrassing," he says. "We're still kind of scratching our head over how it happened." It started when someone hacked into his email conversation with a business partner. But the hackers didn't take over the email accounts. Instead, they lurked, monitoring the conversation and waiting for an opportunity.

When Mark and his partner mentioned a $50,000 disbursement owed to the partner, the scammers made their move. "They were able to insert their own wiring instructions," he says. Pretending to be Mark's partner, they asked him to send the money to a bank account they controlled. "The cadence and the timing and the email was so normal that it wasn't suspicious at all. It was just like we were continuing to have a conversation, but I just wasn't having it with the person I thought I was," Mark says. He didn't realize what had happened until his partner said he'd never gotten the money. "Oh, it was just a cold sweat," he says. By the time they alerted the bank, the $50,000 was long gone, transferred overseas.

It turned out Mark was on the vanguard of a growing wave of something called "business email compromise," or BEC. It's a category of scam that uses phony emails to trick employees at companies to wire money to the wrong accounts. The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center says reported BEC amounted to more than $1.2 billion in 2018, nearly triple the figure in 2016.


This BEC attack is one reason why you should choose ACC for your cyber security expertise and threat prevention. To listen to the NPR report, click on the link below.

List Of Women Owned Cybersecurity Companies In The U.S. And Internationally

Cybercrime Magazine presented a report to its readers listing women-owned cybersecurity companies in the U.S. and internationally. Like many of the Cybercrime Magazine lists, this one is small and will quickly become much larger. ACC, as a woman-owned cybersecurity business hopes to soon be on this list and recommends that you check out the list at the link below.

National Public Radio (NPR)

5 July 2019, the NPR Morning Edition reported that for years women have fought for inclusion in the national security sector. Now, there's a movement to organize those efforts and to show the risks involved when women are left out.National Security.


This inclusion is one reason why you should choose ACC for your cyber security expertise. To listen to the NPR Morning Edition report, click on the link below.

Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC)

In May 2019, ACC became a member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council. This organization provides additional services to entrepreneurs and their companies within the Western Pennsylvania area. Feel free to check out their website at

FBI Cyber Security Site

In addition to the Internet Crime Report on the publications page, ACC provides an image below from the FBI website, indicating the scale of threat complaints with the dollar losses (increasing substantially) that occurred from 2014 to 2018. You can click on the image to access the FBI cyber website to obtain additional cyber security information.

FBI IC3 Annual Report.jpg

DoJ Cyber Security Unit

From the DoJ website...In December 2014, the Criminal Division created the Cybersecurity Unit within the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section to serve as a central hub for expert advice and legal guidance regarding how the criminal electronic surveillance and computer fraud and abuse statutes impact cybersecurity. Among the unit's goals is to ensure that law enforcement authorities are used effectively to bring perpetrators to justice while also protecting the privacy of every day Americans. In pursuing that goal, the unit is helping to shape cyber security legislation to protect our nation's computer networks and individual victims from cyber attacks. The unit also engages in extensive outreach to the private sector to promote lawful cybersecurity practices. The Cybersecurity Unit is led by Leonard Bailey, Special Counsel for National Security at CCIPS.

The image below gives step one for preventing a cyber attack, that is, plan and prepare before a breach occurs. The best way to prevent a breach is to call in ACC.

DoJ_Best Practices_2019-07-03_11-20-10.j
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