ACC Solutions: Malware Threat Analysis APIs

Malware API: Various API Levels Per Feed Per Month

ACC Threat Analysis API (per feed per month)

Offers feed access to our botnet and sinkhole collections. This API includes all of the data from the ACC Threat Analysis database plus additional data fields for context. Our sinkhole dataset goes back 5 years and has traffic for several hundred malware families.

ACC Threat Analysis API Premium (per feed per month)

The ACC Threat Analysis API Premium offers feed access to all ACC lab collections. This collection includes data from ACC Threat Analysis in addition to all data sets.

Maximum results per query: 10,000

Maximum requests per day: 10,000


ACC Full Year API Access (Annual Agreement; however, non U. S. Customers Must Be Cleared Prior To Purchase Contract Acceptance)

Access to the feed from entire ACC Threat Analysis API data bases. API access only.

Solution Pricing

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