ACC Solutions: ACC-CTAC Service Dashboard; Threat Comparisons and Reports

ACC Cyber Threat Analysis Center (ACC-CTAC)

The ACC-CTAC Service Dashboard monitors threats against your networks and any other company. The service can compare malicious activity directed at your organization or against what is happening with your segment peers or across all segments. A large selection of research applications are included for analysis: Kibana, CRITS, RocketJot, CyberChef, Cuckoo, Zeppelin, Jupyter_Lab H2O, and others.

  • ACC Cyber Threat Comparison: Employ unique data algorithms to monitor and determine the potential of cyber attacks. (Examples: Stock Values, Real Estate Mortgages, Production Changes, Supply Chain Vendors, Job Postings, or any published metric.)

  • ACC Report Generator: Publishing software service designed to compile source material and write a report of the source material, which includes dark web monitoring, keylogger outputs, and sinkholes.)

ACC Dark Web Monitor

The ACC Dark Web Monitor will observe our intelligence feeds to identify threats against your organization’s networks, subsidiaries, supply chain, investment portfolio, or target companies/agencies on a daily basis in a single console. You will be notified of any threats to your enrolled named entities.  


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