ACC Solutions: Threat Assessments and Log Reviews

Level 1: Cyber Threat Assessment

Attribution Cyber Consulting will research internal and external intelligence sources to identify and provide a basic level of insight into the cyber threat activity and indicators associated with a designated company. Reports may include data on threat actors that may have targeted the company or employees, and what success they may have had, if any. Level 1 assessments rely on passive activity to help identify potential cyber risk exposure, and issues that may need more in-depth research.

Level 2: Cyber Threat Assessment

In addition to the work performed for a Level 1 assessment, the Level 2 assessment will allow ACC to conduct more active research into the designated company. This research may include analysis of malware, tactics, techniques, and procedures used against the company, the actors behind any malicious activity, and the potential impact of any realized threats. If sufficient data are available, the risks associated with a designated company will be put into a context relative to their industry or market.

Due Diligence Cyber Threat Assessment

In addition to the work performed for a Level 2 assessment, ACC will perform in-depth research in proprietary and open source intelligence to assess factors that may impact both corporate reputation and the behavior and reputation of key personnel. Work may include the following examinations: IT policy reviews, security policy reviews, security procedure and protocol (incident response) reviews, security staff reviews, review of security training materials and training programs, log reviews, social media research and monitoring, risks associated with the company’s supply-chain, and assessing potential insider threats.

Log Review (per terabit of log data)

ACC will parse log data, run the file against the ACC data sources and then report on significant findings. This exercise is especially useful in baselining activities or in determining the current risk exposure, that is, establishing a known-good state. Consulting services can be provided at a fixed price.

Solution Pricing

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