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Dr. Honora M. Rockar

President and CEO

          Dr. Honora Rockar has over 25 years of experience in technology and information technology as an entrepreneur, manager, designer, consultant, and educator. Dr. Rockar has worked in the technology fields of Internet communication networking protocols, remote access server, financial transaction server, and fraud protection development. She has worked in business segments such as healthcare, health insurance, banking and finance, marketing, and manufacturing. During these experiences, Dr. Rockar has focused on security: data security, information security, and cyber security. 


          With this background, Dr. Rockar understands how security must not only keep pace but also move forward into the future so that organizations are prepared for the next industrial revolution and the security challenges it will present. This revolution will not only include the Internet, communication tools, cloud services, and energy capabilities but also the tracking of Internet connected devices, big data collection, and other supporting services. All organizations now, and even more so in the future, depend on all or part of these elements, which have information security and cyber security challenges (defensive and offensive). Thus, Dr. Rockar understands the security challenges organization leaders and their members face, currently and in the future and can provide the necessary guidance.

          In terms of guidance, Dr. Rockar can provide the solutions necessary to address these challenges. She understands that the term, cyber security, is not synonymous with information security or information technology security. She understands that cyber security requires a broad range of practices, utilities, and tactics that are related to information security but must be expanded to cover not only the necessary defensive practices but also offensive measures. As a cyber security professional, she addresses not only defensive measures but also offensive ones.

          Dr. Rockar received her BA from the University of Pittsburgh, MA and PhD (ABD) from Carnegie Mellon University, and her Doctor of Science (DSc) in Information Systems from Robert Morris University. She currently acts as an adjunct professor at Duquesne University, teaching information systems policy and strategy at the master's level.

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